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paper with painted tire tracks

Road Art

Road Art

It’s not always easy to keep boys occupied so when they decided they wanted to paint, I added a twist – toy cars! All you need is paper, paint and cars, look for ones with cool wheels, it took some digging but we found some. Then just let them have fun. Tania Moher

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Tshirt supplies with crayons

Sandpaper Printed T-shirt

I love t-shirts! I am always on the lookout for fun shirts for the family so when I came across this activity on Pinterest I knew I had to try it with the boys. We bought most of the stuff at the dollar store – except the t-shirt which I found at Wal-Mart. All that

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Dragonfly Snacks

This is a fun little spring themed snack for kids to take in their lunches, or to take on a picnic; I’ve even seen them used as party favours. All you need is a clothespin (we used wooden), a snack sized plastic zipper seal bag, glue, a pipe cleaner, paint or markers, small googly eyes

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shaving cream snowman

Snow Paint

Sparkles; that one word causes enormous joy in most kids. Add the word paint, and the fact that this is a super-fast craft to prepare, and it’s a win. To make this beautiful fluffy snow paint you will need 3 ingredients: white glue, shaving cream (the white fluffy stuff; I like unscented), and glitter or

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tray of cookies

Have a Great Christmas Eve and Track Santa With The Kids

There is a fun website that allows you to track Santas progress. It’s filled with neat activities and even Kringle Radio! What a fun and exciting way to spend the evening, and don’t forget to leave the out milk and cookies and carrots if you have any 🙂 Check out the website here: https://santaupdate.com/

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tents by water

Cottage Country Living with Dani

Today as I was packing for our family vacation I thought about all the family vacations that my parents had taken us on. Every summer, they’d dig out the tents, sleeping bags and camping gear from the garage. Coolers, suitcases and first aid kits were carefully packed and repacked, to ensure that we children stayed

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painted flower

Flower Prints

Making prints using nature is always something fun to do. Collecting all of ‘natures paintbrushes’ can add the adventure and exploration of tracking the perfect print-maker down.  This time we didn’t head to nature, though generally that would be my direction. We instead bought some flowers that were discounted at the grocery store, we noticed

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fireworks with paint

Firework Prints

After seeing the Fireworks display for Canada Day my kids haven’t stopped talking about the Fizz and Boom, and all the lovely sparkling colours. This is a quick and entertaining craft reminiscent of that warm summer night when their eyes sparkled with wonder. It is also a great one for keeping it simple when you

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