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phenomenal lavender bush

Battling the Bite with Protective Plants

Battling the Bite with Protective Plants

Nature offers us so many great natural defences to the things that bother us. There are few pests more bothersome than the hated mosquito. Luckily we have options that you can grow in your garden that will help make mosquitoes buzz off. Lemon Grass – The smell that is given off when burning citronella candles

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Hibernation of the Soul

It’s so easy to get enveloped by the stresses of life… so many  responsibilities…so many places to go, things to do… bills to pay. Hope in our dreams can begin to dwindle away as we struggle getting from one day to the next… with all that is weighing us down. Time passes by so quickly, 

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Brain Injury Support Group to Start in Peterborough

For many victims of traumatic brain injury, dealing with day to day life can change dramatically post brain injury. Moving forward after a brain injury requires a strong support network, with a lifestyle that supports brain healing for a TBI (traumatic brain injury) survivor. Posture Clinic in Peterborough to Host Brain Injury Support Group Do

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Woman with insomnia lying in bed with open eyes

How Negative Emotions Affect Your Health

Negative emotions can seem so difficult to shake in our modern world. They can come from many places and be different for each person. In my practice as a Certified Emotion Code practitioner, the most common negative emotions that I treat are anger, fear, guilt, grief, anxiety and low self-esteem. In the short term, negative

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Jumping Dog

Dog Wild

8 ways to unleash your summer and ensure your dog is safe and sound while he’s getting his summer vacation’s worth. No dog drags himself out of bed on a summer morning and gives himself a “seize the day” pep talk. One scent of newly-mown grass and that dog is going to do exactly what

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stream running through forest

Forest Bathing in Cottage Country

Cottage Country nature lovers instinctively know what ‘forest bathing’ – or ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ – is, and many have been doing it intuitively for years. For those who aren’t sure, the term originates in Japan and literally means ‘taking in the forest atmosphere for one’s well-being’. An alternative description could be ‘nature therapy’ which has likely existed

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Fourth Annual Canal Pursuit for Mental Health

Highlighted in much of todays media and gaining much needed attention, mental health is finally under the microscope. The idea of taking care of our own mental health has never been more prevalent, and we all know someone who struggles with the burden mental illness can weigh us down with. The thing is, there is

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Living a Grateful Life

We’ve all heard that a glass of ‘this’ or tablespoon of ‘that’ will slow aging, adding years to our lives. Often this ‘advice’ is a little farfetched, and it is left to our own common sense to sift through. We all ponder how to squeeze every last minute out of this beautiful thing called life;

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