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Lakeshore Designs Taking you from Home to Dream Home

Lakeshore Designs Taking you from Home to Dream Home

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your project, or renovation? Stuck with an idea in your head but no idea how to implement it? Let Lakeshore Designs help you be the star of your own Home Reno Show! We’ll take your project and help you make it your dream home. Starting with a clear description

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Mediterranean Pasta Salad in bowl

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

An assortment of flavourful ingredients come together to create a  memorable salad that’s perfect on its own or as a side dish. MEDITERRANEAN PASTA SALAD is delicious! Ingredients 2 cups of dry pasta, cooked ¼ cup each sundried tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, pitted black olives, large green olives, grilled garlic cloves – all roughly chopped. 2

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BRANDON from Lifestyle

Thumbs Up On Proper Installation

When having renovation work done, why do we actually breathe a sigh of relief when the work starts on schedule? BUT what if the installation and the finished result far exceeds our expectations? What if it gets a big thumbs up? GETTING IT RIGHT The process of conducting effective installations has been key for Lifestyle

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stoney lake steamer

A History of Lockside Trading

The History of Lockside Trading Company in Young’s Point began in 1987 with the purchase of the historic Young’s family homestead who founded the community of Young’s Point, Ontario (built in the 1850’s). The Building was originally the lockmasters house at Lock 27 on the Trent Severn Waterway, and the home of the Stoney Lake

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chair on dock by water

Benefits of Choosing a Real Estate Team

While in decades past, buying and selling real estate was often a one-person operation; todays market requires a sharp team of professionals that have extensive experience in multiple disciplines when navigating through what has become a very complex industry. So why not deploy a team versus a single representative when trying to maximize all your

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Living room windows

Up to $5000 in Window Rebates

That sounds too good to be true! “It’s a typical reaction that we get from homeowners and cottage owners that hear about the new Green Ontario Fund rebate program for the first time, and with good reason”, says Wayne McNelly, General Manager of Nortech Windows. “This government fund offers significantly higher rebates that previous renovation

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rustic decor

Easy Ways to Enhance a Rustic Theme

Creating an uncomplicated, attractive atmosphere for your home is as easy as using natural materials and a simple design that recalls past eras yet suits the needs of today’s lifestyle. A rustic theme can satisfy both requirements, without the need for a sizeable decorating budget. Rural components are available in a variety of venues, but

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seeds in containers

Keeping Your Home Organized

Keeping your home organized can be a very taxing job.  A lot of people have more stuff than they know what to do with, much less where to put that stuff.  Here are a few simple tips for getting your home organized and keeping it that way.  First, make sure that everything you have is

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