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old farm plow



Whether an old farm implement or a one-horse sleigh, perhaps a lyric from a song, or even a familiar smell, our senses of sight, hearing and smell can bring back memories of places and events. A one-horse sleigh (or cutter) now resting on the Inukshuk farm lawn is just a relic, now weathered, but spilling

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photo album old

Those Were The Days “Stranger Than Fiction”

After dinner when we settle back with our guests enjoying a hot coffee or glass of wine and allowing our roast beef and mashed potatoes to find a comfortable spot in our bellies, one of the highlights of the evening is the relaxed banter; conversations which vary from one topic to another. Last evening we

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two floor tree fort

Contractors Corner: It’s Just a Tree Fort

When I was a young lad, my friends and I had a competition to see who could build the best fort. My father was a builder and luckily I had access to his leftover materials. My father was a busy man, so I learned on my own through trial and error. Not nearly as much

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Beautiful Path Lane Walkway Way In Summer Forest Park. Healthy Walking In Park Between Woods, Trees And Green Bushes.

Those Were The Days “All the Yesterdays Are Gone “

Way back in 535 BC a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus made a profound statement, “you can never walk the same path twice”. I believe every one of us who have re-visited old homesteads, neighbourhoods or stomping grounds will attest his words to be not only sage insight but living truth. The Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor

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Father and son fishing in the river

Dragon​ ​Flies and Fishing Poles

Fishing is something I grew up with. My father spent many hours teaching my brothers and I how to cast, bait a hook, take a fish off the line, where to cast to catch the “big” bass and a slew of other tips and tricks. As a child, I spent many summer days in boats,

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Houseboats on water

Put the “OM” in Mom!

When your Mom voice is so loud that even the neighbours brush their teeth and get dressed, you know it is time to r-e-l-a-x, unwind and get into a nautical state of mind. B-r-e-a-t-h-e and put the “OM” in Mom. “Om” is an important part of the word Mom as in yoga, it reflects the

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Happy New Year Text

Those Were The Days “ New Beginning”

2018, a new year to reflect on old memories and the beginning to amass new ones. My wife and I are celebrating our sixty fouth anniversary in a few weeks, some times it seems like a long ago step into another phase of our lives but remarkably, some memories appear to be just mere fleetings

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throwing snow

Making Holiday Memories

Reflecting on the Year Past & Preparing for the One to Come It is fitting that the holiday season comes at the end of the year. Year’s end is the time when people look back on the year just past and get ready for the year to come. It is no accident that New Year’s

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