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Scotia Wealth Management Invites You

Scotia Wealth Management Invites You

to attend a unique town hall event October 2 from 7-9pm (doors open at 6:30pm) Life is a journey of making the right financial choices. Scotia Wealth Management has built its reputation on discipline, consistency and transparency. True wealth management means listening to clients and their families and understanding all aspects of their wealth –

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Ensuring Your Financial Affairs Are Ready For A Worst Case Scenario

Summer is finally here and while many Canadians will make the annual sojourn up to cottage country for the season, a large number will also take to the road, air and water for trips further afar. While the focus before travel is usually on getting new clothes, arranging for pets and making sure the neighbours

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Spring Cleaning Your Financial Matters

This past winter seemed to drag on, but with Spring finally here our thoughts turn to sprucing up the inside of our homes and getting the gardens and lakefront ready for those relaxing summer days ahead.  Spring cleaning also involves our financial matters and it’s a good time to see where things are so the

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Principal Residence Sales

Starting with the personal tax returns filed for 2016, individuals who sold their principal residence had to report that sale on their tax return on Schedule 3 – Capital Gains (or Losses) for the Year. The principal residence exception eliminates any capital gains from the sale providing that the home was your principal residence during

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Up to $5000 in Window Rebates

That sounds too good to be true! “It’s a typical reaction that we get from homeowners and cottage owners that hear about the new Green Ontario Fund rebate program for the first time, and with good reason”, says Wayne McNelly, General Manager of Nortech Windows. “This government fund offers significantly higher rebates that previous renovation

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Andrew Pyle and Employees

2017 Another Year of Growth and Change for the Pyle Group

More than a decade ago, Andrew Pyle made a commitment to clients that his wealth management practice would not grow at the expense of clients. In other words, adding clients without building the infrastructure beneath was neither desirable or feasible in this changing and more complex environment. Individuals, families and businesses wanted more than just

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End of Year Budgeting

Andrew Pyle, Senior Wealth Advisor and Portfolio Manager Pretty soon the chilly winds off the lake will give rise to shorelines covered in a dusting of snow and for those who make their cottage their home; this can be a beautiful time of the year.  It is also a time when we start to think

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Retirement Planning Is Not Just About the Numbers

It seems strange to talk about an end to summer when the weather this year didn’t really feel like summer. However, as the sun starts to set earlier in the day many of us will use the quieter days to think about what it will be like when the sun sets on our career.  Sadly,

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