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Those Were The Days “Stranger Than Fiction”

Those Were The Days “Stranger Than Fiction”

After dinner when we settle back with our guests enjoying a hot coffee or glass of wine and allowing our roast beef and mashed potatoes to find a comfortable spot in our bellies, one of the highlights of the evening is the relaxed banter; conversations which vary from one topic to another. Last evening we

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Beautiful Path Lane Walkway Way In Summer Forest Park. Healthy Walking In Park Between Woods, Trees And Green Bushes.

Those Were The Days “All the Yesterdays Are Gone “

Way back in 535 BC a Greek philosopher named Heraclitus made a profound statement, “you can never walk the same path twice”. I believe every one of us who have re-visited old homesteads, neighbourhoods or stomping grounds will attest his words to be not only sage insight but living truth. The Ambassador Bridge linking Windsor

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no more homework

Those Were The Days: “Summer Vacations”

“School days, school days, dear old golden rule days”. Elementary school was so much different back in the late 1939 and 40s when I was a student. Every kid from grades one to eight was stressed to the limits toward the end of June because that is when the final report cards were issued. Back

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black and white of the Edersee dam

Those Were The Days “Recognizing Our Heroes”

I have written in previous columns the many times I sat with my Dad at the kitchen table perusing news of the war. It was 1944 and I was creeping up on my tenth birthday, D Day was blazing across the headlines and Dad patiently explained the highs and lows of  WWII, the victories, the

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word auction with gavel

Those Were The Days: “What Am I Bid””

Going once, …twice, .. sold to number ninety two. Instinctively, most of the bargain hopefuls in the audience strained their necks to see who “won” the dainty floral vase for the paltry sum of eight dollars. The scene of course is an auction, one of the many sales held each week throughout our area. From

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hiram-walker town

Those Were The Days

“Our Walk Through History” I always enjoyed studying history but when I became a small part involved within that history, the past took on a whole new meaning. My wife and I were born and raised in Windsor, Ontario in areas west and east respectively of the city, both areas steeped in history. My wife

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Happy New Year Text

Those Were The Days “ New Beginning”

2018, a new year to reflect on old memories and the beginning to amass new ones. My wife and I are celebrating our sixty fouth anniversary in a few weeks, some times it seems like a long ago step into another phase of our lives but remarkably, some memories appear to be just mere fleetings

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Silhouettes of carollers

Those Were The Days: It Was A Very Good Year

Lush green leaves surrendered to Autumn altering their colours to orange then brown, only to lose their grip and tumble hapharzardly to the ground abandonning baren tree trunks and branches silhouetted against the dusk of an early evening sky.        It is a happy/sad time of year, scenery blending all of nature into

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