Understanding Energy Healing

energy healing

The beginnings harmonising and alternative medicine can be found throughout the ancient world, and is not a modern concept as many believe.

Early medical practitioners had an understanding that when energy within the body became unbalanced, people became ill. In Asian countries, the medical society felt the only way to a healthy body was in adjusting and correcting this imbalance. For example, China and Japan established a medical system based upon healing energy levels within the body.

Yet, the belief in the role of energy is not limited to the physical. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners have always perceived this energy (Chi), as having a holistic impact. Which means the quality, and amount of energy found circulating within your body affects your emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. It is not restricted to your physical health.

Here are some different energy healing modalities:

• Reiki • Reflexology • Therapeutic Touch • Acupuncture

• Biofield Energy • Shamanic Work • QiGong • Emotion Code/Body Code

• Chakra Balancing • Emotional Freedom Technique • Polarity Work • Body Talk

What can one expect from an Energy Treatment?

The words “heal” and “whole” both originate from the same root word.  When you participate in an energy treatment you are allowing yourself to become whole.  What this often looks like is relaxation, pain relief, fast recovery from surgery or injury, or getting well.  It also may be relief from life traumas and emotional pain. Energy work opens, balances, and connects the body’s energy centers. 

Lynn Anne Hill is an Energy Practitioner and is a Reiki Master and Teacher, an Emotion Code Practitioner, a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner.  She can be reached at 705 872-8357 or lynnhill113@gmail.com 

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